Thursday, 17 July 2014

Llanmerewig Glebe

Peter and I trapped at this MWT reserve last night (located in the center of the county: not far from Abermule). A fairly warm night, dropping down to 10c in the early hours. We managed just over 130 species, virtually all of which will be new to the reserve.

The reserve is very small: consisting of a meadow which is surrounded my large hedgerows with plenty of mature trees. A good selection of summer species were caught. Some of the more notable macros were Leopard Moth, Scallop Shell, Cloaked Carpet, V-moth, Cloaked Minor and Marsh Oblique-barred.

The best micros species were Caloptilia betulicola and Biselachista albidella which were both new for the county.

Follow the link for some photos of the moths caught, as well as the species list:
Glebe (16/07/14)

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  1. A nice little reserve, we will definately go there again, in a different month, to increase the species list even further.