Friday 4 September 2020

Mine of the Month – September

This month the species to find is Parornix anglicella. This genus frequently turns up in moth traps; however, the adults are typically impossible to separate without dissection so finding the leaf-mines is by far the best way to record this group.
This particular species is abundant and makes distinctive mines on hawthorn, ultimately folding the lobes into small cones.

Last month's results and points tally

For August, the goal was to find Phyllonorycter coryli (with a bonus point for recording the most mines per leaf). Well done Tammy for this impressive find:

Points to date:

G Chambers- 3
C Boyes- 4
D Boyes- 5
T Ward - 1
J Pearce- 5
S Southam- 1
T Stretton- 2
B Kerry- 1