Wednesday 30 June 2021

Trial Event at Llyn Coed y Dinas 26/6/21

Well, for the first time since October 2019 a small group of us dusted off the Montgomeryshire Moth Group equipment and the events team met up at Llyn Coed y Dinas nature reserve to make sure that everything works, that we can remember how to identify moths, and that we can run a Covid-safe event. 

We chose a nice night for it - and a good location.  We ran 2 traps and the white sheet, and had a busy time of it through the night.  Rest assured that plenty of hand sanitiser was deployed. Most of the equipment worked well despite the long furlough, and we just about remembered how to work it all. Peter was in his element as the moths flowed in.

Poplar Grey

Figure of Eighty

In total we had a very creditable 28 species of macro and a surprising 21 species of micro.  At one stage we had more micros than macros.  The full list is available here.  We even managed a new County record: Archips crataegana.

Archips crataegana Photo: Peter Williams

A good night was had by all.  Many thanks to Peter, Phil, Paul and Mark.  Hopefully we'll be able to arrange some public events in the near future.

Friday 4 June 2021

 Hello Moth-ers,

June is now with us and I’m sure we’ll all hope that with the new month our mothing fortunes will change and we’ll actually record some moths.

Please remember you can join in with this challenge whenever you like, so just let me know here, what you've recorded and I’ll add the details to the main table. This month I have decided to add two fairly common species so that we can kick the challenge into action again.

The target species added in June (please let me know if you’ve already have recorded one) are: -

11) Shaded broad-bar (1 point)

10) Yellow Shell (1 point)

The target species added in previous months (which all still count in the challenge) are; -

9) Yellow-barred Brindle (1 point)

8) Tawny Pinion (2 Points)

7) Any migrant hawk moth – this might seem rather unlikely, but it does of course include the Humming-bird Hawk-moth, so everyone will have a chance to record one of these (3 points)

6) White-marked (1 point)

5) Pine Beauty (2 points)

4) Oak Nycteoline (1 point)

3) Blossom Underwing (2 points)

2) Shoulder Stripe (1 point)

1) Small Brindled Beauty (2 points)