Tuesday 28 August 2012

Variable Smudge

Caught this rather pretty form of Ypsolopha ustella the other night. I just love the common name to this moth:
'Variable Smudge'!

Douglas B.

Recent catches

Blog seems a little quiet so thought I'd post what I've been catching over the last couple of nights. I've always been very interested in the differences between sites, in terms of what's common in relation to other sites near-by, often these differences are stark and for seemingly no reason. I thought it may interest folk to see what I've been catching recently. The following list combines the data from the two previous nights:

Large Yellow Underwing 97
Flounced Rustic 21
Common Rustic agg. 12
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing 11
Canary-shouldered Thorn 10
Flame Shoulder 10
Dingy Footman 9
Lesser Yellow Underwing 7
Magpie 7
Rosy Rustic 7
Common Carpet 6
Silver Y 6
Small China-mark Cataclysta lemnata 6
Common Marbled Carpet 5
Dun-bar 5
September Thorn 5
Shaded Broad-bar 5
Argyresthia goedartella 5
Trachycera advenella 5
Mother of Pearl Pleuroptya ruralis 4
Agriphila tristella 4
Blastobasis lignea 4
Setaceous Hebrew Character 3
Willow Beauty 3
Agriphila straminella 3
Udea lutealis 3
Centre-barred Sallow 2
Early Thorn 2
Flame Carpet 2
Pebble Hook-tip 2
Straw Dot 2
Svensson's Copper Underwing 2
Acleris forsskaleana 2
Batia unitella 2
Celypha lacunana 2
Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing 1
Burnished Brass 1
Copper Underwing 1
Gothic 1
Green Carpet 1
Heart & Dart 1
Iron Prominent 1
July Highflyer 1
Pale Eggar 1
Pale Prominent 1
Riband Wave 1
Ruby Tiger 1
Shuttle-shaped Dart 1
Six-striped Rustic 1
Small Phoenix 1
Snout 1
Square-spot Rustic 1
Swallow Prominent 1
Yellow-tail 1
Agonopterix arenella 1
Agriphila geniculea 1
Argyresthia bonnetella 1
Aspilapteryx tringipennella 1
Bactra lancealana 1
Caryocolum blandella 1
Catoptria pinella 1
Hypsopygia costalis 1
Pandemis corylana 1
Scrobipalpa costella 1
Ypsolopha ustella 1

And also it nice was to find a Orange Swift on the sheet a few minutes ago - I feel I've caught it before but it's not on the garden list, so nice to be able to add another new macro. Amazingly I've caught 24 new macros for the garden this year and just short of 100 new micros! - I thought after several years trapping here I'd caught practically everything that was here; clearly not!

Just about the start of the migrant season as well; I've been keeping an eye on reports from down South and some very nice species have been turning up recently. I've just had Silver Y, Plutella xylostella and Nomophila noctuella so far but who knows what may turn up in the coming weeks! Will be keeping an eye on the weather for those all-important SE winds!

Douglas B.

Thursday 16 August 2012

Trip to Brazil

My favorite!
I've spent the last couple of weeks in Brazil; seem to have the feeling I missed some sort of sporting event, but anyway I had a great time. I went with my parents and the trip was roughly split in two: Atlantic rainforest (mainly birds and moths), then second part was in the Pantanal area (mainly for mammals).

I've uploaded some photos here to accompany my text; they should be in about the right order. Moth photo aren't all that great; almost all were taken at night under flash.

The start of the trip was flying into Sao Paulo from Heathrow, from there we flew to Rio de Janeiro to be picked up and taken to the first lodge, REGUA. It's in the Atlantic rainforest and is mainly a birding place; they also run MV lights so it was my best chance to see some tropical moths. As you can see I saw all sorts of moths; little hope of ID'ing any of them though, the chap who does the work there said it was a struggle putting some of them into families, let alone any further!

After that we had a couple of nights in Rio, weather was pretty awful though (only rain of the trip) but still a great city to see. Then flew to Brasilia to get a connecting flight to Cuiabá; where we hired a car and drove round the Pantanal for a week or so. Saw all sorts of wildlife, highlights being Giant Otter and Jaguar. Managed to photograph a few moths here, but saw many more! After flying from Cuiabá back to Sao Paulo we flew onto Heathrow home!

Douglas B.

Cors Dyfi Moth Evening, 11th August

Just a quick post as the full report is now available to view in the events section.

An excellent night throughout with good weather and a well attended event. Plenty of moths turning up - 125 different species to be exact! We also ended up adding 10 more species to the list for the reserve and also finding one of the three target species we aimed for this year. Here's a few photos of some of the new ones we had....

acleris forsskaleana

Bordered White
Chinese Character

 Dotted Carpet

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve event

The full report from last Saturday evenings moth event at Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve can be found here.

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Cors Dyfi mothing event, Saturday 11 August

Hello All,

Below you will find details of the MMG’s next mothing event, which is on Saturday 11 August at the Cors Dyfi Nature reserve.
Moth trapping at this site has rewarded us with many new county records over recent years, so you never know, something special might turn up at this event. The visitor centre will as usual be open during the evening, so they’ll be lots going on, so please come along and join us for a wonderful evening of mothing.

The event details are:-

Date: 11 August 2012.
Venue: Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve.
Meet time: 8:30 pm at the car park.
Directions: The reserve is found on the right-hand side about 4 miles south west of Machynlleth on the A487.
Map reference: SN704984.

Target species Rosy Marsh Moth, Crescent Dart and at a more local level, the Chinese Character.   

Montgomeryshire Moth Group (MMG) is an independent voluntary group of people interested in moths. All ages are welcome, beginners or experts.
This year all the events are light trapping events. We set up the light traps at dusk to attract moths and then release them after identification.
You are welcome to join us for as much of the evening as suits you, we are likely to stay for several hours. However, in case of cancellation, in poor weather or unforeseen circumstances, always ring or e-mail to check the event is on before joining us. Please bring a touch and suitable clothing
Please note that some sites are not easy to find, so please make sure that you know where the venue is before you set off.

Hope to see some of you at the event.


Sunday 5 August 2012

Hafren Forest event - photo update

At long long last I have managed to put together this collection of photographs of moths which were seen at the Hafren Forest event on Saturday 14th July.

Peter B.

Clouded Buff
Northern Spinach
Narrow-winged Pug
Scarce Silver Y

Tawny-barred Angle ("nigrofulvata" form)
Larch Pug
Map-winged Swift
Larch Pug (melanic form)
Gold Swift (male)
Gold Swift (female)

Dusky Brocade
Broom Moth

Beautiful Golden Y

Barred Red

True Lover's Knot

July Belle (rather worn)