Thursday, 16 August 2012

Trip to Brazil

My favorite!
I've spent the last couple of weeks in Brazil; seem to have the feeling I missed some sort of sporting event, but anyway I had a great time. I went with my parents and the trip was roughly split in two: Atlantic rainforest (mainly birds and moths), then second part was in the Pantanal area (mainly for mammals).

I've uploaded some photos here to accompany my text; they should be in about the right order. Moth photo aren't all that great; almost all were taken at night under flash.

The start of the trip was flying into Sao Paulo from Heathrow, from there we flew to Rio de Janeiro to be picked up and taken to the first lodge, REGUA. It's in the Atlantic rainforest and is mainly a birding place; they also run MV lights so it was my best chance to see some tropical moths. As you can see I saw all sorts of moths; little hope of ID'ing any of them though, the chap who does the work there said it was a struggle putting some of them into families, let alone any further!

After that we had a couple of nights in Rio, weather was pretty awful though (only rain of the trip) but still a great city to see. Then flew to Brasilia to get a connecting flight to Cuiabá; where we hired a car and drove round the Pantanal for a week or so. Saw all sorts of wildlife, highlights being Giant Otter and Jaguar. Managed to photograph a few moths here, but saw many more! After flying from Cuiabá back to Sao Paulo we flew onto Heathrow home!

Douglas B.


  1. Just had a quick look at your photos Douglas, some absolute stunners are very lucky!

  2. What a fantastic assortment of moths and other animals you've seen, as Maria said, you are very lucky indeed.