Saturday 8 August 2020

Mine of the Month – August

For August, the target species is Phyllonorycter coryli (Nut Leaf Blister Moth). This moth makes highly conspicuous silvery blisters on the upper surface of hazel leaves and is perhaps the easiest leaf-miner species to identify.

Image: Rob Edmunds/

A bonus point will be award to whoever finds the most mines on a single leaf, a challenge started by Norman Lowe:


Last month's results and points tally
For July, the aim was to find either Caloptilia semifascia or C. rufipennella (with a bonus point for recording both species). If you found either of these in July but are yet to send me the details, please do so and I can update the tally.

Caloptilia semifascia: JP (Aberbechan), GBC (Llanfyllin), CBo (Middletown), DHB (Henley)
Caloptilia rufipennella: JP (Aberbechan), CBo (Middletown), DHB (Henley)

Points to date:

G Chambers - 2
C Boyes - 3
D Boyes - 4
T Ward - 1
J Pearce - 4