Tuesday 17 October 2017

Llandinam Gravels public mothing event

The weather leading up to our last event of 2017 at Llandinam Gravels was looking very good, with a southerly air flow, and the temperature staying mild. This promised a good evening of mothing and we weren’t to be disappointed. (click on any photo to see them all at full size)

Everyone gathered around the white sheet
Merveille du Jour

We were on site by 5:30 to give ourselves plenty of time to see where the traps were going, then to get set up, and by 6:30 the lights were switched on. It wasn’t too long before the first moth came to the table, a Spruce Carpet; this was closely followed by other autumn species: a Red-green Carpet, a Yellow-line Quaker, and a Chestnut. Next in was a superb Black Rustic followed swiftly by a stunning and very much crowd pleasing species the Merveille du Jour. The white sheet proved very popular with many moths being attracted to it, indeed, two Red-green Carpets found it extremely desirable and decide to mate on it, which was of interest for all to see. 

Pale November Moth

Common Marbled Carpet

The November Moths and other members of the genus were of course very much in evidence and we had a workshop on the best ways to separate the well marked individuals.

The white sheet very busy with moths

Unfortunately, although conditions were good for migrant activity, we didn’t manage to trap any.

Red-green Carpet mating
Angle Shades

We did however record six micro species which included Epinotia nisella and Argyresthia brockeella. For a full species list please click here.

A great head shot of a male Feathered Thorn
Acleris emargana

As the evening progressed we added Svensson's Copper Underwing, Snout, the Brick and the rather uncommon Dark Chestnut. The best moth of the night was probably a lovely Figure of Eight. Shortly before 11:00pm we decided to call it a night as no more new species were being brought to the table.

Figure of Eight

Many thanks to those who brought traps and to those who helped setting up and taking down the kit, and finally to Sue and Douglas for bringing along goodies for us all to nibble at.



On a personal note

Due to ongoing problems with my back this is the last event I shall be directly involved with as I am handing over the reins to a newly formed ‘Events team’ from the MMG members -  Douglas Boyes, Paul Roughley and Gavin Chambers. Between them they will organise and run public events throughout the county very much as I have done for the last 12 years, but of course, they will include their own take on things. 

A gift of a sponsored species (the Broom-tip) from the group

I was pretty gobsmacked when, during this event, I was handed a certificate by the group which said that the MMG had sponsored a moth (the Broom-tip) and dedicated it to me in Butterfly Conservation’s, ‘Atlas of Britain and Ireland’s Larger Moths’ due to be published in 2018. Such a lovely gift. I have framed it and will cherish it with fond memories. Sue then brought out a tin containing a chocolate brownie cake decorated with butterflies which of course went down very well with everyone; very tasty  indeed, thanks Sue.    

A lovely chocolate brownie cake from Sue

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, (past and present), who has supported the events over the years as these events have been an integral part of getting the message out about our moths and the pleasure they can give us. I have found that meeting people at these events has been very rewarding and I’m sure that this has been a catalyst for encouraging many more moth-ers in the county. I may not be directly involved with the events from next year, but I shall be attending them and supporting the new event team whenever I can. I’m absolutely sure that they’ll do a great job in the future.

And finally, a footnote – the first event I organised in Montgomeryshire in 2006 was at Llandinam Gravels – as was my last – this was totally unplanned, funny how things work out, isn’t it!


Wednesday 11 October 2017

Llandinam Gravels - public mothing event

Hello All,

This Saturday the MMG (Montgomeryshire Moth Group) is holding its last mothing event of 2017 at Llandinam Gravels, in the south of the county just south of Llandinam. This event is being held on ‘Moth Night’ (formally National Moth Night) and on this occasion the theme is migrant species, so hopefully the mild spell of weather we’re currently experiencing will work in our favour and we’ll bag a migrant or two. This site located alongside the River Severn has produced some excellent records in the past, so please come along and join us for what promises to be a terrific evening’s mothing at this excellent site.

Full event details are:-

Venue: Llandinam Gravels.
Event Date: Saturday 14th. October.
Meet: 6:30 onwards in the parking area at the end of the track.
Directions: As you approach Llandinam on the A470 from Newtown, take the first right by the statue and cross the river Severn over the narrow bridge; turn first left down the lane (then track) for about a mile and a half, we will be trapping at the end of the track. Please note The area where we will be trapping is beyond the MWT Llandinam Gravels Nature Reserve car park. Keep going down the lane until it comes to an end, then carry on straight on down the rougher track, we will be holding the event at the end of this track.
Grid Reference: SO011866.

Montgomeryshire Moth Group (MMG) is an independent voluntary group of people interested in moths. All ages are welcome to attend events whether experts or beginners.

This year all the events are light trapping events. We set up the light traps at dusk to attract moths and then release them after identification.

As with all our evening events, please bring a torch and wear suitable outdoor clothing.

You are welcome to join us for as much of the evening that suits you, we are likely to stay for several hours. However, in case of cancellation, due to poor weather or unforeseen circumstances, always ring or e-mail to check the event is on before joining us.