Thursday 18 August 2022

Late Night in Llanymynech 23 July 2022

Back in July Montgomeryshire Moth Group held an event at Llanymynech Golf Course.  Although I believe the group has trapped in the area before this venue was new to us, and set up with thanks to Simon Spencer & the manager of the golf course.  It didn't seem a very promising evening when we arrived, as it was very windy and looking like rain too.  However, we found some fairly sheltered spots to put the traps, and Peter got excited about a rocky outcrop so we managed to get a trap there too.  

Peter hard at work

Fortunately the group was able to make its headquarters for the night in the driving range shed, which was just as well as it did rain quite a bit through the evening.  And a hardy number of moth group members made it out, so it was just a question of whether the moths would too. We set up Phil's new white sheet in the shelter behind the shed - thanks Phil!

And surprisingly the moths came!  First in was a micro, Agriphila straminella and the first macro was a Brimstone Moth.    Peter got most excited about the Pretty Chalk Carpet, and it was a real beauty.  

Pretty Chalk Carpet by Meurig Garbutt

Mark got excited about the Yellow Tail that he thought was a White Satin Moth, but we persuaded him it didn't have the black & white stripey legs.  However, right at the end of the evening we did get an actual White Satin Moth, and very smart it was too.  

 White Satin Moth by Phil McGregor
(note the stripey legs - the moth, not Phil)

Confusing moth of the night for me was the Brown-Line Bright-Eye, as I was recording and kept wanting it to be Bright-Line Brown-Eye which we get at home.  What were they thinking with those 2 names??

Brown-Line Bright-Eye by Meurig Garbutt

Clouded Border by Meurig Garbutt

In the end we recorded 18 micros and 56 macros, and a good range of moths too.  The full list can be found on the website

Lime-Speck Pug by Phil McGregor

Scarce Footman by Meurig Garbutt