Saturday, 19 July 2014

Another trip to the woods

A couple of nights ago I headed off to MWT's Dolforwyn Woods reserve for a spot of trapping. A very warm night, with temperatures not dropping below 15c. Packed up the six traps at around 1am: a little earlier than I usually would due to an impending storm but luckily the kit managed to stay completely dry.

Recorded 161 species in total. There was an amazing showing of micros - making up half of the species list, which is a much high proportion than I usually get. A good chunk of the macros were new to the site, as were most of the micros.

Macros. Most notable record was a Beech-green Carpet. Other nice things included Scallop Shell, Blomer's Rivulet (about 20 seen) and Clouded Magpie.

Best micro records:
  • Epiblema tetragonana - a nationally scarce A species. New for the county.
  • Elachista adscitella - an Nb species. New county record.
  • Mompha lacteella - Nb. New CR.
  • Coleophora taeniipennella - new CR
  • Nemaxera betulinella - Nb. Second county record.
  • Cydia fagiglandana  - second county record
  • Coleophora flavipennella - second CR.

Other good micros included Ypsolopha nemorella, Scoparia ancipitella, Epinotia signatana and Zeiraphera ratzeburgiana.

Photos and species list below:
Dolforwyn Woods (17/07/14)

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  1. A great night's trapping, with a magnificent five new county records - what a wonderful session you had.