Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I'm Confused (and so is the moth)

Quite a cool night and at about 2:30 this morning I decided to pack up the garden trap. Sitting on the sheet was this moth. Immediately realised it wasn't a species I knew well. In the back of my mind was the Confused (a moth I've been hoping to find in some of the more specialist habitats I'm visiting this summer). And indeed a quick look at the book confirmed my suspicions. Fairly uncommon in the county: last seen in 2011 and then other records predate 1976.

The Confused. What a dull moth.

W&T tells me it should be found on "rocky coasts", "mountain moorland" and occasionally "sand dunes". I'm no ecologist but I can be fairly sure the garden doesn't fit into either of these habitats. I can only guess it's got very confused and forgotten where it's meant to be living.

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  1. An excellent record, well done (you can send this 'confused' moth in my direction now, if you like!).