Monday, 4 August 2014

Roundton trapping

Took another trip to Roundton the other day. A warm night and I recorded just under 150 species - over half of them being new site records.

More notable records:
  • Square-spotted Clay (two seen). A nationally scarce B species found at only a handful of sites in the county and in recent times only from the NE corner. This is a completely new area of the county for the moth.
  • Blomer's Rivulet.
  • Rosy Minor
  • Golden-rod Pug
  • Triple-spotted Pug
  • Devon Carpet
  • Nemapogon clematella (third county site)
  • Digitivalva pulicariae (second county site)
  • Cochylis atricapitana (second county site)

Photos and species list below:
Roundton (31/08/14)


  1. This is really excellent news, to find another population of Square-spotted Clay in the county. This give a greater degree of hope that the species will continue to thrive in our neck of the woods.


  2. Further good news as regards the Square-spotted Clay. I've just confirmed that the species is still present in the Lake Vyrnwy area when Gavin Chambers sent me a photo of a moth which he recently recorded there - I wonder if there are any more populations out there!