Wednesday, 13 August 2014

New Species For Cors Dyfi

At the annual mothing event on 2nd August at Cors Dyfi the following new species were recorded for the site:-

Green Pug
Ling Pug
Rosy Minor

mirifircarma mulinella
ypsolopha dentella
blastobasis lignea
acleris laterana
epinotia caprana

This was quite a surprise given that the weather wasn't really in our favour with good gusts all night and the occasional heavy shower too. Unfortunately I did not get chance to photograph the new species as I was spending much of the time chatting to people about moths and identifying them. (the moths not the people!)

On Monday 11th August I was wandering the site and came across a small micro desperately battling the remnants of hurricane Bertha and trying to land on some bramble. Being fairly certain it wasn't one I'd seen before, I potted it up, photographed it and sent the details to Peter who was able to confirm a new county record in the form of pammene populana. (pictured below)

In both cases (2nd August and 11th August) it goes to prove that just because you might think the weather is too bad for moths to fly, it's always worth looking, you never know what you might find. The new county record brings the total species now recorded at Cors Dyfi to 512.

Maria (Species Officer, Dyfi 360, Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust)


  1. The event certainly produced a good batch of new site records for you, so well worth the effort despite the weather conditions, it was an excellent evening as always.


  2. Well done Maria. Good to see you yesterday and catch up with your latest records.