Monday, 31 October 2011

Common but not seen before..

Last night had quite a good catch with it being so mild. Plenty of Feathered Thorns, Marveille du Jour, Red Line and Yellow Line Quaker and a few Mottled Umbers.
The best for me was a fairly common species in Montgomeryshire but one I'd not personally seen before, a Red Sword Grass. Truly remarkable camouflage and if I hadn't seen a photo in a book on a previous occasion I would have just taken this as a bit of wood blown into the trap by the high winds later on in the evening.
Hopefully the heavy rain will ease off and I'll get chance to go over again before the end of the week.
Cors Dyfi "Furballs" Officer, Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust.

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  1. A great piece of wood to find in the trap Maria, well done.