Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Mothing at Bridge Cottage: 2011

As the year draws to a close and weather gets worse I've decided that I'll put the traps away, marking the end of fantastic year of mothing:

In 2011 alone I've recorded 15,287 individuals of 463 species (313 macro and 150 micro) and also had nine new county records.

That leaves my figures at 511 species (322 macro, 151 micro and 28 butterfly) Not bad after a few years trapping.

My highlights this year include 4 Nb. (national scarce B) species, all of which I caught for the first time this year:

Nemapogon wolffiella (also 1st county record)
Square-spotted Clay
Small Eggar (This was the first record for 60 years)
Devon Carpet

Other Highlights were:

Langmaid's Yellow Underwing

Eyed-hawk Moth 

The photos are also of some of my favourites.

But probably the best moth of the year was Antigastra catalaunalis, a rare migrant and my record was the second record for Wales.

Some have commented that this year has been a poor one mothing-wise. I haven't noticed this, in fact for me numbers are up on last year. I've also noticed it's been a great year for certain species, namely Large Wainscot and Dusky Lemon Sallow.

Big thank to Peter who has, as always, been very helpful throughout the year. And also to both Peter and Mike for their continued hard work with the moth group!



  1. Well done Douglas for posting an excellent summary, you've certainly had a terrific mothing year.


  2. Nice report Douglas and very well done on all the great moths you've found, keep up the good work.