Friday, 1 May 2020

Mine of the Month – an introduction

Hi all,

Julie had the excellent idea of starting a monthly challenge to find a specific species of leaf mine. At the start of each month, I'll post details of a leaf miner to look out for (here on the blog and also on the MMG Facebook group). A 'leaf mine treasure hunt', if you like. Every confirmed 'Mine of the Month' find equals a point and whoever gets the most points at the end of the year wins a 'virtual prize'! (don't get too excited!)

It should be good fun and, of course, will help to improve recording coverage of leaf-mines. I'm sure Peter will be thrilled to receive any resulting records. Leaf mines are a great way to find new species: I've recorded about 60 species of moth miners at my garden in Middletown. So keep an eye out and record any other mines you come across too! Some useful resources (including plant-specific keys) are and (which despite the name covers moth mines too).

It goes without saying that you should follow current government advice on Covid-19, i.e. only search for leaf mines in your garden, or at local sites as part of your daily exercise.

Get in touch with me via email, or on the Facebook group, to let me know how you get on with the challenge, or if you need any ID help. Please also remember to add any sightings to your records in the usual way to send to Peter at the end of the year. I will provide an update on how people have got on and a points tally with the following month's challenge.


1 comment:

  1. This is an excellent initiative by Julie and well done Douglas for getting involved. What with the 'pug challenge' and this 'leaf mine challenge' it should give us all a little bit of something mothy to do during this very difficult 'lockdown' year.

    Julie, (and or Douglas) can I suggest that you also send e-mail to everyone on the mailing list, whether just 'in county recorders' or general recorders (I don't know what your criteria is for the leaf mine challenge) to everyone letting them know about the this challenge as this is a good way to get things off the ground.