Monday, 18 May 2020

Lockdown Life

Hello All
I have found my moth trap here in N.Wales to be fairly quiet recently so in order to add some variety I thought I might create some moths of my own.
One of my hobbies is woodwork and in the past I have carved several bird species which can take a long long time depending on its complexity. So I thought I would try downsizing and spent a week creating some moths. I chose relatively large species obviously and started with a tracing on a block of limewood. 

 They were then cut out on the bandsaw and carved into shape. The garden tiger moth had too much wood removed accidentally and so resulted in a smaller muslin moth!!
 Legs and antennae were formed from wire. The moths were then sealed and given a coat of white gesso before painting. 

 An image of the underside of the eyed hawkmoth proved difficult to find and thank you Peter for trawling through your photographic library.

Finally a visit to the firewood pile provided a suitable branch on which to  mount them.
 Some more dust collectors in the living room!

So if you find yourself with too much time on your hands all  you need is a block of wood.

Take care and stay safe everyone



  1. Wow, what stunning carving work you've done here - it's amazing what skills this lockdown can bring out in us all.

  2. Brilliant - you could start a new career!

  3. I think my productivity would need to increase if I were to make a living Clare!

  4. What amazing creations, Alan- but I think (know) I'd need more than a block of wood to create something like that!