Thursday, 3 December 2015

'Out of Season' Species

Hello all,

During this (and any other) mild spell there is always the possibility of recording an ‘out of season’ species, so it is well worth keeping your traps switched on, as you never know what might turn up.

Pictured below is a Dotted Border which I recorded last night which is well outside its normal flight period, beating the previous earliest Montgomeryshire record of this species by six days.

It is also worth mentioning at this point that should any ‘in county’ moth-er record ‘out of season’ species, that they should contact me with a photo of the moth in question. I already allow a few weeks grace either side of normal flight periods, but should a record fall outside these parameters it may not be accepted as a record unless verified with me first. Check the flight graphs on any species page to see whether a record is early or late, thanks.


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  1. The Dotted Border was followed up the next day (3rd Dec) with a very early Mottled Grey.