Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2016 'January Moth Challenge'

Hello Moth-ers,

With another New Year approaching I am once again doing our January moth challenge.  The challenge is to record ‘10 macro and or 5 micro species (adults) during January’. As many of you have found out in the past it’s definitely not an easy challenge, but it’s well worth having a go at as it generates many extra winter records for the county when recording is often very sparse. It’s also a bit of fun, have a go, see how you get on, you might surprise yourselves. So go on, dust those traps off and get recording!

The rules are very straightforward.

1) Only adult moths can be accepted.
2) The list of species recorded must all come from one trapping site only (not from multiple sites), although you can send in separate lists from additional sites.
3) Anyone is welcome to have a go at this, whether they are a resident trapper within Montgomeryshire or live/trap from another county.

I’ll ask you all for your results at the end of January (please send your results even if you don’t record ten macro or five micro species, as it all goes towards building the bigger picture), then I’ll post the results on the blog (found in our website, link below) early in February.

All the best and a Happy New year to you all,


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