Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Took a trip to Glaslyn last night. An extremely warm night but strong winds meant only the most sheltered traps caught moths. Those in good shelter did extremely well though, especially with micros. A total of 48 species were caught.

Best macros were Smoky Wave, Grey Mountain Carpet, Galium Carpet, Clouded Buff, Dark Brocade and Emperor Moth (a rather late male).

Best micros included Stigmella myrtillella (new for the county, though undoubtedly very overlooked), Pleurota bicostella,  Phiaris schulziana,  Incurvaria oehlmanniella, Ancylis myrtillana and Elachista albidella.

Some photos and a full species list on the link below:

Glaslyn 30-06-15

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  1. A good list of some of the less recorded species and the NCR of Stigmella myrtillella was a real bonus. What was that male Emperor Moth up to, it's very unusual to trap one of these.