Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Another account of the Roundton event

Hello All,
Below is a message sent to me from Dave & Anthea Wilson who were at the Roundton Event, as you can see, they enjoyed the event very much and there is a link to their 'Visit Montgomery' website where a further account of the evening activities and more photos can be seen. 
Thank you Dave & Anthea for such a glowing account of the evening, I do hope that you both join us at future events.

Hi Peter

My wife Anthea and myself attended your wonderful Moths and Bats evening on Saturday and really had a fabulous time.

We have documented it with a load of photos that I took showing close ups of many moths and placed them into a post on our Montgomery website.  ( I only wish I'd stayed after 11:35pm to shoot some more. )

We have added a Pictorial Blog post to our Montgomery Visitor website... Please pass the URL onto the members who were there to review it and let me know what they think.  

Anthea and I now intend to join the Wildlife Trust after enjoying the evening so much. Your team in attendance were very friendly and knowledgeable too.

The direct URL for the article is here...  

Why not also search for 'Walks' in the search box to get a taste of what else we have on there..

The main website is

We'd love the teams feedback.. and I'd also be interested in photographing future events as part of the volunteer team.

Best wishes and regards

Dave & Anthea Wilson

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