Saturday, 26 April 2014

Help Needed to ID Caterpillar

Hi, this one was found on 25th April feeding on willow at Cors Dyfi, approx. 10-12mm in length with a definite blue 'tinge' to the stripes. I've spent a number of hours trawling the UKLeps site without success and Peter is also at a loss on this one so any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Maria.


  1. I reckon it might be Double Kidney.

    Habitat, time of year and stripes match.

    The colour does seem wrong but may just be because it's an earlier instar or a different colour form.

    Worth rearing it to find out for sure. If you keep it with foodplant and in a pot with a bit loose soil it should be fine and emerge in the summer.


  2. After checking this larva again, I tend to agree with Douglas and like him, I would suggest that you breed it through to be absolutly sure.


  3. Thanks Douglas, its cocooned now so I guess we will know pretty soon!