Thursday, 17 April 2014

Clepsis senecionana

Clepsis senecionana

Habitat where moths were netted
On the 15/4/14 I visited the MWT reserve at Llanymynech Rocks. I netted several day-flying tortrix moths flying over the limestone grassland. Which I later identified as Clepsis senecionana (aptly named the 'obscure tortrix').

The species is only rarely seen in the county, most recently at Lake Vyrnwy in 2010.

It tends to be found in upland areas, such as moorland, feeding on bilberry and bog myrtle. So what was it doing at Llanymynech Rocks? Well, it's been recorded there before, once in 1998 and again in 2005. It seems it breeds on the site. Interesting to see a species occurring in the county outside of its normal habitat. However, even more interestingly, there are none of the usual foodplants present.

With a bit of digging, some books and websites mention it can feed on goldenrod. This would seem more likely at Llanymynech Rocks. I hope to return later in the year to look for the larvae.

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  1. An excellent record, well done. Hopefully, the larvae will be confirmed at some stage at this site.