Friday, 22 July 2011


I've been studying the county list and have noticed that many footman species are very common, where as here in Middletown only two species are very common, that being Common Footman and Muslin Footman. In recent nights I've had 30-40 Common and around 10 Muslin, with no other footmen appearing.
I do get the odd Scarce, Dingy and Buff but at best only a few each night. Later in the year Dingy becomes a bit more common, sometimes getting into double figures each night.
Round-winged Muslin is one I've only recorded once.
(I haven't had Buff once this year, and only on one night, have I had Dingy. Scarce has popped up a few times)

In the county the picture seems quite different, with many of the other footmen species such as Dingy and Buff being nearly as common as Common Footman. I can't see any reason why there is such a difference, and, it might just be me, but I find this quite intriguing.


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