Monday, 9 May 2011

A stranger in the trap

A pretty poor moth catch last night, it was a bit too cool, however I did find this stunning Queen Hornet in the trap this morning, what a fabulous creature it is.

What's more it turns out (according to the NBN database) that this species has only been recorded in Montgomeryshire once before, at Welshpool in 1964.


  1. Have to be careful with those, die very easily in moth traps. They overhead I think.

    My dad saw one in the garden the other day and my neighbors had them nesting above their front door last year. I guess no one bothers to send in the records. Great find all the same.

  2. Since my original posting it has been brought to my attantion that the hornet isn't as rare in the county (at least in the east of the county)as I originally thought - a perfect example of a lack of records, or more likely, records not being sent to the relevant authority!!

  3. I saw the queen again (I presume it was the same one) on the 21-05-11, this time it was on top of the moth trap.