Sunday, 8 May 2011

Great weekend for moths

Epinotia subocellana
Friday night:

Very warm night with heavy rain.

Seraphim (6) - a moth only I seem to catch in numbers
[NFY] Scorched Wing (1)
[NFY] Sandy Carpet (2)
[NFM] White-spotted Pug (1)
Coleophora trifolii
[NFY] Treble Lines (1)
[NFM] Epinotia subocellana [New county record]
[NFM] Coleophora trifolii [New county record]
[NFM] Diamond-back Moth (1)
[NFM] Epiblema cynosbatella (2)


During the day I found two Mother Shiptons [NFM]
Mother Shipton
Also a Ancylis badiana, another moth I only seem to get.

Again warm night with heavy rain.

[NFY] Small Ele Hawk (1)
[NFM] Crambus lathoniellus (1)

Thanks to Peter for spending so long on my micro ID.

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  1. Two new county records in a single nght, whatever next, well done Douglas.