Thursday, 7 October 2021

Roundton Hill NNR event, 25th September 2021

The evening began with great promise.  3 MV's and the White sheet were set up and switched on by 7.30pm in a very warm 16 centigrade with full cloud cover.  The conditions were declared "fantastic for a great nights' mothing".

It was not long before the first moth was potted and brought to the table, easily identified as a Common Marbled Carpet.

As the sky started to clear and the air distinctly cool down, a modest stream of moths were brought to the table for identification and logging. 

Amongst others, a very nice specimen of Green-brindled Crescent, a lovely large Bulrush Wainscot 

Green-brindled Crescent.


Bulrush Wainscot.

and the only caterpillar of the night, a Drinker larva at pre hibernation stage.

Drinker larva.

Of the six micro moths potted, much to my initial scepticism (and I suspect, a few others), a specimen of Ypsolopha horridella was declared by far "best in show" capture of the night. Checking the county list, it has only been trapped on seven previous occasions around the county hence the excitement. 

Ypsolopha horridella.

By 10pm it was apparent we were in a "drib's & drab's" situation due to the now clear sky and falling temperature. It was decided amongst the remaining attendees to start winding down the event with final switch off of the white sheet at 10.30pm. To speed our departure it commenced raining as we loaded the kit onto a vehicle.

The full species list can be viewed here

9 people attended the event.

Thanks go to Peter and Julie for identification and recording.

Meurig and Rob for photography.

Julie also for arranging the event.

The next event is on Saturday 23 October at the Pont Llogel reserve from 6pm onwards.


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  1. Thanks Phil, I enjoyed reading your report. I'm looking forwards to our last event of the year at Pont Llogel now.