Monday, 26 July 2021

One to look out for.

 Hello "mothers"

Thought you might be interested in this which appeared in my trap during the recent hot weather, even though it was at my home in FlintshireVC51 rather than Montgomeryshire[ Sorry Peter]. After much searching of the books and eventually the interweb I discovered it was the Box-tree Moth.

It helped when I realised it was a micro [Crambid]

It is native to S E Asia and was first discovered in UK in 2008, presumably imported to garden centre in S England in box plants. It has now been reported as far as Edinburgh. In N Wales I gather there are one or two records only but this Summer it has been recorded elsewhere in VC51 so look out folks it is on the march, whether or not it has made it to Montgomeryshire only Peter would know!

It has to be a contender for "largest micro" coming in at around 4cm across.

Two other moths in my trap last night were Leopard Moth and Sycamore, both firsts for me.

I hope the warm weather has brought you all some excitement too

All the best


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  1. Thanks for this post Alan - No, we don't have a record for this species in our database yet, but I would imagine it's only a matter of time before it's recorded in Montgomeryshire.