Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Mid-month assessment of the 'Lockdown species chalenge

Here in the west of Wales the first half of April has more than our fair share of frosty nights - 16 out of 19 nights have been below zero with the coldest night on the 11th. falling to a very cold -4.7c. So our 'lockdown target species' challenge has stalled somewhat, but hopefully things will pick up again soon.

Updated chart attached below.

Just a reminder of the target species to look out for (below) and please remember you can join in with this challenge when ever you like, just let me know here, what you've recorded.
The target species added in April (or let me know if you’ve already have recorded one) are; -
6) White-marked (1 point)
5) Pine Beauty (2 points)
The target species to look out for which were added in previous months are; -
4) Oak Nycteoline (1 point)
3) Blossom Underwing (2 points)
2) Shoulder Stripe (1 point)
1) Small Brindled Beauty (2 points)


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