Sunday, 15 November 2020

VC47 butterfly updates

Bit of butterfly news: I have now processed all of the 2019 data (which included a large number of historic records, a lot of which were from Lake Vyrnwy). Thank you to everyone who sent me records directly, on iRecord, or via Peter.


We now have 33,400 records of 42 species in the database. There were two additions: Brown Hairstreak records (from the 1970s in two sites in the Dovey Valley, raising the exciting prospect that this secretive species may well still be present) and also Scarce Swallowtail records from a plant nursery from near Welshpool (adventive).

I plan to update my digital atlas in early 2021 once the 2020 data is in. This is much needed as there are now several new additions to the VC47 list since the previous update (including Essex Skipper) and many changes in distributions (including recent Marbled White records in the south of the county). Please do send any records from either this year or any previous years to my email (though feel free to wait until the New Year in case of any late sightings): email contact on sidebar. Remember records of all species are welcome and needed! As the maps show, much of the county is very under-recorded.

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