Wednesday, 30 May 2018

New micro book

Not strictly a new guide but a revision of Maitland Emmet’s 1988 guide, with text updated to reflect the new knowledge gained over the last three decades. N.b. there are no photos or illustrations inside! See sample page below (right). Most micro moths are best found by searching for early stages and this is what this book is designed to facilitate.

For example, you can look up a particular species and see where (and when) its larval stages can be found. There’s also a foodplant index at the back – so if you find a micro-moth caterpillar on a certain plant, you can typically narrow it down to a small selection of species. It's likely to be a worthy investment (£24, or £16 for members of BENHS) for anyone serious about finding micros.


  1. I should say that while I did do the text for one of the families, I don't get commision from sales - my recommendation can be considered (largely) impartial!

  2. Yes it looks like a good reference book which can be used in conjunction with books which contain pictures - I'll certainly put it on my shopping list.