Thursday, 24 August 2017

Pont Llogel moth event

Checking the species at the table
As the Pont Llogel event approached the weather had been very mixed, but the forecast was for a reasonably dry Saturday evening, and thankfully, that’s how it turned out. We had a couple of light showers while setting up but, thereafter, the evening was dry and the temperature held up, with it not falling below 12c.

Those of us with kit arrived on site by 7:30 giving ourselves plenty of time to sort out where all the traps
Blue-bordered Carpet
were going and to set up. We switched on the lights by 8:45.

Ruby Tiger
A Flame Carpet and a Green Carpet were first up, swiftly followed by a Common Marbled Carpet. The latter species
Checking the traps
started a bit of a workshop on the best ways to separated it from the more uncommon Dark Marbled Carpet, and by the end of the evening both species had been recorded. Soon after, we managed to record our target species, the Barred Chestnut; at least eight of these were seen throughout the evening.
Barred Chestnut

Other species of note were Devon Carpet, Blue-bordered Carpet, a very splendid Old Lady, Beautiful Snout and Clay triple-lines.
Green Silver-lines larva

As usual, the micro moths were much thinner on the ground than the macros, but we did manage to record 17 species, the best probably being a very fine grass moth, Catoptria margaritella.
Canary-shouldered Thorn

                                      No migrant species were recorded at this event.

Black Arches
Typically, as the event drew to a close and we were packing up, the usual flurry of species were added to the list as we emptied out and switched off each trap; these included a Broad-bordered Yellow

Pale tussock Larva
, Garden Carpet, Pebble Hook-tip and one of the best species of the evening, a Wood Carpet. For a full species list please click here.
Cake Galore at this event!

Old Lady

Many thanks to those who brought and helped to set up the kit. We had cake galore thanks to Sue for bringing chocolate cake, (thumbs up from Paul), and Douglas who brought cinnamon apple cake, both of which were devoured with great relish.


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