Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Bryn yr Ysbyty - 03/07/17

Bryn yr Ysbyty is an area of forestry located near Carno and is in one of the most under-recorded parts of the county. Peter and I trapped there last night with the aim of adding some dots to the maps.

The trapping area is located at 315m and the habitat is predominantly broadleaved scrub, with other important features including flower-rich grassy verges and coniferous plantation. Thick cloud meant the temperature didn't drop below 13c, although there was constant drizzle of rain for much of the night.

We recorded a very respectable 138 species across the six traps. The best record was Bucculatrix demaryella, a micro which had not been seen in the county since 1980 (probably common but very under-recorded). Some of the better macros were Plain Wave, Light Brocade, Cloaked Carpet and Double Line. With the warm conditions we did well with pugs, with some of the more notable species including Triple-spotted, Dwarf, Larch and Wormwood. Other moths of note were: Satin Beauty, Scallop Shell, Galium Carpet, Beautiful Carpet, Beautiful Snout, Welsh Wave and Minor-shoulder Knot.

Photos of the site, some of the moths caught and the species list can be seen by following the link below:
Bryn yr Ysbyty - 03/07/17

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  1. Yes, it was an excellent evenings trapping with Douglas, the site has much potential and we shall definitely return there again at a different time of year to boost the species list even further for this under-recorded 10k square.