Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Does anyone recognise this grub?

Tammy at MWT has sent me some photos of the larva/grub of something. She has so far hit a brick wall in trying to id it and I’ve gone through all my relevant reference books and done numerous searches ‘on line’ and I’m still no closer to getting an id for her. My best guess is that it’s a type of fly maggot as this is what it most resembles and the fact that it doesn’t have any legs also backs my thought process up. Is this something you have ever seen and could you help us to identify it, thanks?


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  1. Many thanks to everyone for getting involved with this and especially to Paul who has managed to find out the following information.


    It is a hoverfly, genus Didea, the species can't be determined without rearing it on. ID by Dr Ellen Rotheray, University of Sussex.