Friday, 24 April 2015

Bramble research project - volunteer request

Posting a note here on behalf of Emma Coulthard:

During my PhD research, I investigated the visitation of macro-moths to Bramble plants in hedgerows across areas of UK farmland. Interestingly I found that Lepidoptera made up a high percentage of the visitors to this species nocturnally and that although the study was only small, the diversity of moths found visiting the Bramble flowers was relatively high when compared with the numbers of butterflies one might see out in the daytime. As a result I am proposing to carry out a study over the summer of 2015 which compares the visitors of Bramble both in the day-time and night-time. I need volunteers to help me carry out this research and would be grateful to anyone who would like to help

Biscuits and tea/coffee will be provided to anyone taking part, along with instructions and any necessary equipment. The project will run over the flowering period of bramble (June-September) Put simply the project involves visiting patches of bramble and recording the moths present (using a set methodology) For details and further information please contact Emma directly.

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