Friday, 20 March 2015

Butterflies of Montgomeryshire - 2015

Current 'black holes' as of 2015
I have just updated my 'Butterflies of Montgomeryshire' pdf. The new version is now available at the bottom of the 'Articles & reports' section of the site. The new version includes any recent data I've received; all the maps have been refreshed.

2014 saw around 50 tetrads, that previously had absolutely no butterfly records, being filled in. Hopefully we can fill in a similar number this summer. If you would like to know exact boundaries of an empty square, please get in touch.

In addition, so many squares have only a handful of records, so wherever you are in the county, please keep a note of what you see if you can.

As detailed in the post below, butterflies are already flying this year. Here's hoping for a good hot summer - I'm hoping we continue to have the most records for a single year. Any questions relating to recording your butterfly sightings, just drop me an email.

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  1. Iv'e already read the updated pdf, which keeps us all up to date informed with the butterflies of the county. Hopefully we'll all send Douglas some records for those blank tetrads this year - well done for this excellent piece of work.