Friday, 19 December 2014

The smaller moths of Shropshire

A book recommendation from just over the border. The smaller moths of Shropshire has only just been published and has been written by Godfrey Blunt, the VC40 micro moth recorder.

The book features all the micro species recorded in the county, giving a paragraph account and in most cases a distribution map too. The book also has various analysis exploring factors which might limit the distributions of micro moths such as climate, habitat, etc.

Although I don't do much mothing in Shropshire, it's very interesting to see what lives just over the border - much of the VC47 boundaries are shared with Shropshire as well as some great sites, eg Llanymynech Rocks (and my garden!).

Should anyone stray into Shropshire, Godfrey would certainly like to receive any micro records.

It's a chunky A4 size and the price seems fair: £13 before 31/12/14 (£15 thereafter). Details on this new publication here.

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  1. Thanks for this information Douglas, it looks quite a good buy, especially, as you say, at the reduced rate of £13.00.