Saturday, 29 November 2014

Warm air flow - good numbers of moths - more migrants.

I had an excellent number of species (18) and moths (57) at Commins Coch last night - these were unuasually high totals for a late November night, which just goes to show how much a mild air flow over the county can really effect moth catches.

There were 14 macro species which included Red Sword-grass and the Scarce Umber and 4 micro species.
I had 2 migrant species: - 1 x plutella xlostella  and 10 x Udea ferrugalis - the latter number is the highest recorded for this species in a single night for the county.

Please post about the migrant species you record as this keeps everyone in the loop as to what's turning up in the county. 


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  1. At Commins Coch on 30/11/14

    4 x Udea ferrugalis