Sunday, 7 September 2014

Vyrnwy trapping

Returned to Vyrnwy on Friday. There was a good night forecast, though clear skies at the start meant a slightly cooler temperature than I'd hoped for.

Recorded 47 species in total, many being new to the 10km square. The most notable records were:
  • Small Autumnal Moth - first county record since 1991. Meant to be a common moorland species and probably somewhat overlooked in the county - however, there have been several visits in recent years to suitable sites so it's surprising this species has not showed up earlier. 
  • Epinotia solandriana - first county record since 1975.
  • Neglected Rustic
  • Large Ear
  • Barred Chestnut
  • Pyla fusca

Species list and a few photos on this link:
Vyrnwy (06/08/14)

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  1. Another excellent species list - Epinotia solandriana stands out and the Neglected Rustic and Barred Chestnut are also very good records.

    It's great to get a confirmed record of the Small Autumnal Moth (and with a photo for the website as well), as you say it is rather strange that this species hasn't turned up earlier, but it's great to see it's still here in the county. Well done Douglas for bagging this one.