Saturday, 21 June 2014

Dolforwyn Woods

Last night I headed to Dolforwyn Woods for a spot of trapping. Ran traps from 9pm to about 3am. A fairly cool night so only had 57 species but it did include one or two crackers.

Had brought a few MVs and a few actinic traps. When it was time to switch lights on, one of the MVs just wouldn't work - despite having tested it before I left. I had brought along a range of screwdrivers, fuses, etc so was able to have a good fiddle around with all the connections and alike. But no luck. This morning I discovered the issue was the bulb. Both the bulb (that was working just a few hours earlier) and the spare I had brought along were broken!! What are the chances. Will have to take two spares along in future...

Anyway, the best records were:
- Clouded Magpie (40+ seen across the traps)
- Blomer's Rivulet (15 seen in total)
- Satin Lutestring
- Satin Beauty
- Brussels Lace
- Clay Triple-lines
- Pammene albuginana (a new county record)

Here are a few photos. (the macros were all taken with my phone on the night.)

Pammene albuginana

Blomer's Rivulet

A cloud of Clouded Magpie

Brussels Lace

Satin Beauty


  1. Well done on the NCR and what a fantastic haul of Clouded Magpies and Blomer's Rivulet - I have never seen anything like it regarding these two species, what an excellent site this is.


  2. Sorry I couldn't make it Douglas, but great to see the photos - well done.