Friday, 7 February 2014

The January challenge results for 2014

Hello Everyone.

Here are the results of the '10 Macro/5 micro challenge for January 2014'.
This year for the first time, micro moths were included in the challenge and I think, generally speaking they've made quite a good show with ten species being recorded.
As you can see, the chart below shows that ten recorders took part in this years challenge (two more than last year). Only one recorder actually reached both targets of ten macros and five micros (myself), but everyone made a good effort, although generally speaking the records were on the low side. This was likely to be due to the very wet weather we had throughout January, rather than anything else.
Overall, an excellent 25 species, (15 macro and 10 micro) and 405 moths were recorded. By far the most numerous species was the Winter Moth, which was probably to be expected, surprisingly though, it was only caught by two recorders. The Early Moth was the most numerous species, caught by the most recorders (4).


Below is a chart showing the top five recorded species for the last three years. Once again the Winter Moth holds the top spot (which is not to be unexpected really), but generally speaking the moth count is well down on last year.

Many thanks to all those who took part in this years challenge and often in atrocious weather conditions (did the rain actually ever stop!). As well as being fun to do, the 'challenge' also gives us more data for those often under recorded winter flying species which we wouldn't have were it not for extra trapping done in the 'challenge'.
The full list of recorders who took part are:- Douglas Boyes, Richard Vernon, Peter Williams, Les Wilkins, Maria Wagland, Deborah Griffith, Paul Roughly, Alan Tadman, Tammy Stretton & Sue Southam.

All the best and happy mothing during 2014.


  1. Well done Peter - your numbers are pretty amazing. Hope Feb is a bit more productive for the rest of us! (nothing here last night - roll on dry, calm weather)

  2. Thanks Sue - a bit hard going in all the wet weather, but I do try to show everyone that the task is at least possible to achieve.