Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Migrants reach Derwenlas also

In common with my fellow mothers the last few days have been busy. So far on 6/10 at Derwenlas  I had;
7  Silver Y
2 Vestals [ a first for Derwenlas]
1 Dark Sword grass
1 Scarce bordered Straw. [another first for me]
 Dark Sword-grass
Scarce Bordered Straw
Scarce Bordered Straw showing black border on hindwing.
The forecast is for cold north winds by the weekend so keep mothing while you can!


PS Third time lucky to publish this between my ineptitude and BTs flaky broad band connection. Here goes folks!

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  1. Great stuff Alan, I'm pleased to hear that migrant influx has reached your site as well - the Scarce Bordered Straw is an excellent record.