Sunday, 22 September 2013

Gypsy Moth recorded at Commins Coch

Last night (21-09-13) my trap attracted a very rare migrant species to it, a Gypsy Moth. As of writting, this is only the second welsh record (the other was recorded ten days ago in south Wales). This species is not only rare to Wales, but the whole of the UK and to date only 40 or so records have been trapped, mostley in the south-eastern corner of England - since 2000 (apart from the welsh record) less than 20 have been recorded, all from coastal counties of south-east England.



  1. Excellent record peter. Maybe the Indian Summer has something to do with its arrival.

    1. Thanks Alan, it was a very unexpected and special record. Hopefully, a few more migrant species will find their way to our traps during the autumn months.