Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Is that a moth in my trap!!

Well , after what seems an age, we actually had a slightly milder night last night and this was reflected by a relatively large catch of moths in the trap. I recorded 16 species in all (13 macro and 3 micro and exactly 100 moths), most of which were common species, but it was just so nice to see them after such a dearth of moths recently. The star if the catch was the migrant species - Blossom Underwing, always a good record to get.



  1. Nice one!
    Hoping to put traps out at Cors Dyfi tomorrow night (Friday) so fingers crossed...

  2. Yes Peter, what a difference a night makes. On 9/4 I too got 90 moths, 15macro and 2 micro. Prior to that I was getting zero. Maybe spring is coming.