Monday, 14 January 2013

Mothing in Middletown: 2012

Just a very quick round up of 2012 from me; last year was very busy for me and I spent several weeks in summer abroad so therefore my general totals for the year were down. Over the year I still managed to add over 130 species to the garden list, including 28 which were also new for VC47. Being on the eastern side of the county, the weather has not been too bad in relation to elsewhere (although being the wettest year on record for the garden, still about half the volume of rainfall than the west of the county received). This means 2012 was actually quite a good year for me; although overall individuals of the common species seem to be down, I've seen no obvious drop in the species diversity being caught (although this is rather hard to judge due to all the variables).

Anyway, let us hope 2013 brings plenty of hot weather and some southeasterly winds!


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  1. Well, you might have been busy, therefore doing less trapping, but you still managed to achieve a massive 26 of the 43 new county records made in 2012. So well done you, keep up the good work.