Sunday, 10 June 2012

May at Morben Isaf

I guess that, along with many of you, I was finding early May to be a fairly lean time for mothing.  Certainly the month started very quietly at Morben Isaf, although as I blogged earlier, the highlight was the Brindled Beauty on the 11th.  Another trapping session 6 days later yielded 35 moths of 16 species, the highlight of which was this Oak-tree Pug - a first for the site.

Oak-tree Pug

Total numbers still hadn't really picked up by the time of my next trapping session on 22nd May; that night I recorded 32 individuals of 18 species, but did include first-timers for the site of Pale-shouldered Brocade, Barred Umber and Light Knot Grass (as reported in Stop Press).

Pale-shouldered Brocade
Barred Umber

Others of note included first-for-the-year individuals of Poplar Hawkmoth, Peppered Moth, Clouded-bordered Brindle, and these Peach Blossom, Green Carpet and Campion.
Peach Blossom

Green Carpet

Hopefully, once the floods have receded, I'll be back next week; let's just hope that the 5 inches of rain that fell on Friday and Saturday doesn't put too big a dent in the June moth population!



  1. .......but June seems to be carrying on where May left off, with low and bizarre trap catches.

    Last night I only recorded 9 species at my home site, it was rather cold, but this is awful numbers for a summer month. However on the other side of the county to me, Douglas recorded 60 species and it was just as cold at his site, (shakes his head in disbelief) if you can make head or tails of this, I would be amazed!!

    1. Yes, but it hadn't been p*ssing down quite so hard in Middletown!

  2. Perhaps not, but it was definately raining moths, I think Dougles's trap has been divinely blessed!!