Saturday, 12 May 2012

Even lean times have their benefits!

I know that the traps have not exactly been overflowing with moths these past few weeks; nevertheless last night I decided to play the odds and put my trap on at my caravan at Morben Isaf in the extreme west of the county.

The omens weren't good since it was going to be a cold clear night; the temperature was below 9 degrees when I lit up at 9.30pm, and fell to less than 3 degrees overnight.

When I got up to check the trap at 5am, I didn't think at first sight that my optimism had been rewarded, recording the grand total of THREE moths (one better than Peter W at Commins Coch!).

But I potted the trap contents for later perusal, and then found that I had got a Lesser Swallow Prominent and a Great Prominent, but the "pièce de résistance" was this Brindled Beauty, which I think is the first record for this part of Montgomeryshire.

It just shows that you never can predict what may turn up in your trap!



  1. Great find Peter! Certainly a lovely moth, crackings photos too.

    These seem to be doing well this year, I've had four so far.

    Haven't ever had a Great Prominent here though; send your one this way please!


  2. Well done Peter, an excellent record, especially for the west of the county, it definately hasn't been recorded in your neck of the woods before.

    When you released it, I hope it flew off in my direction!!