Sunday, 25 March 2012

March Mothing

Lead-coloured Drab

 The past few weeks here in Middletown have certainly been very eventful, every night with catches well into triple-figures. With one trap producing well in excess of 500 moths. So far this year I've recorded about 2500 moths of 42 species, not too bad since we're only in March.  I've had a number of new micro species and two new macros.
Yellow Horned and Lead-coloured Drab were the new macros, both lovely species I've been on the look for ages. Now top of my 'hit-list' is Blossom Underwing!

The trap out last night in the fog; a spooky sight

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  1. Well done Douglas for recording a new county record - the Lead-coloured Drab.

    We do actually have old records of this species in our data base, but they are all unconfirmed and as it is easily confused with the Clouded Drab we decided to wait for a confirmed record before adding it to our species list. It's taken some time, but well worth the wait.