Sunday, 5 February 2012

10 Macro species for January challenge 2011

Click on chart to zoom in.

Here are the results for my '10 macro species in January' challenge. As the chart shows, seven moth-ers recorded between zero and twelve species they all trapped in varying amounts of nights during the month, so degrees of variation in counts are to be expected.

The chart is pretty self explanatory, with species and counts recorded in yellow; recorders names along the top and totals on the right and along the bottom, all in brown. The figures along the bottom in red show how each recorder actually fared in the challenge.

The target of ten was only attained by myself, but three others got really close and two got to nine species. In all 17 macro species were recorded by those who took part, so this shows that 10 species is very achievable. This 'challenge' has proved quite popular and I intend to make it an annual event, hopefully more will get involved next year. Many thanks to all those who did take part and in fact a couple of moth-ers who did trap, didn't record any moths, better luck to those, next year.



  1. Fantastic achievement - we done all that counted. 17 sp in Jan!!

  2. Makes for interesting viewing. Certainly an above average January, temperature wise (well the first half was).