Sunday, 1 January 2012

Another good year at Commins Coch

Hello All,

2011 has been another very good year at my home site of Commins Coch, in the west of the county. In all, I’ve recorded 321 species of macro moth and 155 species of micro moth. The macro number includes 4 new species for my site this year, taking my all time total to 393, that 400 mark is within striking distance now!

My first new species of the year was a Glaucous Shears in late April. This proved to be quite an interesting as it was recorded in no fewer than six sites from around the county during 2011; it was last recorded in the county in 1977. This was followed by a Little Emerald (Photo - right) in mid May; this species hadn’t been seen in the county since 1993. My next new species was a rather tatty Haworth’s Pug in late June, this was somewhat surprising as it is usually associated with limestone or chalk – there’s not much of that where I live! Finally, the last new species to turn up in August was also rather surprising; it was a much worn Ashworth’s Rustic ( photo – below) although recorded sparsely on the western side of the county this 'Nationally Scarce A' species was indeed quite a find.

As regards micro moths I recorded 9 new species for my site of which 4 were also new county records, Lesser Wax Moth Achroia grisella, Hymenia recurvalis, Prochoreutis myllerana and Lobesia reliquana. The Hymenia recurvalis was a particularly good record as it is a rare migrant to these shores; it was recorded during the autumn in an intense period of migrant activity.

Well, that about sums up, my mothing year and all in all it was a very good year indeed. The highlight of the year was probably not a moth, but the expectation of recording a good migrant species during the mild autumn weather and I wasn’t let down. Like the fantastic Small Marbled (pictured right) and I think it will be a long time before the four Vestals I recorded in a single night will be topped in my trap again, fond memories indeed.

I look to 2012 with much eagerness.

Happy New Year to you all.


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  1. Excellent summary of the year, with many of those catches turning me a shade of green!!

    Here's to a good 2012!!