Sunday, 12 June 2011

Ever optimistic!

I put my trap out on Friday night at our caravan at Morben Isaf; I knew it was going to be a cold clear night and that I probably wouldn't catch much, and I wasn't disappointed! Lowest temperature on the marsh was a balmy +0.4°C.

Just 3 victims - a Large Yellow Underwing, a Heart & Dart, and a very nice Oblique Carpet.



  1. Hello Peter - but you did better than me, I only had two White Ermines. Once again the temperature fell below freezing at Commins Coch, -.3c.


  2. Amazing how much the temperature can vary across the county, altitude must play it's part.

    Much warmer tonight though, 15c now, won't drop much lower, I don't think.

  3. I agree, it could well turn out to be good mothing conditions tonight. Come on everyone, get those traps out!!